Steem Coin – Advantages and disadvantages

The development was very controversial at the beginning. Many in the crypto scene believed that the project was nothing more than a big hoax and that the whole thing was just a pyramid selling system where in the end only the makers would profit. They fought against such an accusation. The concept of Ste em Power’s long-term commitment was introduced precisely in order to bring about long-term growth and encourage users not to sell their dollars immediately. This is to build a solid user base and avoid a flash in the pan.

The Steem Dollar’s peg to the real dollar seems similarly thought through by the Bitcoin trader

This raises the legitimate question as to what the crypto currency should actually be worth and thus also the content that is evaluated on the Bitcoin trader platform. The link to the dollar gives Bitcoin trader the opportunity to generate some profit. Paying a dividend may also give an incentive to buy Ste em Coin in order to trade it who are not familiar with trading in crypto currencies.

One problem that development still has to face is the excessive hoarding of the crypto currency. Individual users could accumulate too much “power” and thus exert too much influence on steemites. Another problem is the inflation of the crypto currency. Over time, uploading content could hardly be worth it, because the coins earned are constantly losing value. At the same time, these coins are distributed to a steadily growing number of users. This is also important for a forecast: the number of users is growing, but still far behind that of other social media. There is still a lot of potential hidden here.

Steem Coin Price – Development – Forecast

The Steem Coin has been available since 2016. Initially, the crypto currency was quoted at 0.5 to 0.6 euros per coin. In July 2016, the price gained a good 2 to 3 euros and remained in this range for several days. Thereafter, the value of the Steem crypto currency slowly fell again until it had reached about 10 cents in October 2016.

From November 2016 to April 2017, the price was quoted between 10 and 20 cents. In May of the same year, the price moved consistently towards the 1 euro, and in June it finally traded between 1 and 2 euros. The price then fell again, but remained around 1 euro per coin, which meant that the crypto currency traded much better for several months than in the same period of the previous year.

In December, things got even better and the price rose rapidly. First it was only 3 Euro, in January 2018 the price suddenly quoted up to 5 Euro for several days. After that, the price fell again, but was able to hold at over 2 euros.

Despite the aforementioned concerns, a Steem Coin forecast for the next few years looks pretty good, traders seem to be interested in the crypto currency and are willing to invest in it. The price could very well rise if Steemit were to become much better known.

Create Steem Coin Wallet
There is no such thing as an official wallet. Earned Ste/em coins can be stored on the account of Steemit. If you still want a real Steem Wallet, there are alternatives like eSteem or Busy.

Where can I buy the Steem Coin?
You can buy the coin on exchange exchanges like Bittrex, Poloniex, HitBTC, Tidex and Livecoin. Usually you have to trade them for Bitcoins or Ether.

Conclusion Steem Coin
Steemite could become very big if even more people discover the platform for themselves. The developers certainly don’t lack bad ideas and the interest of the traders is already there.

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Ardor Coin – Main blockchain and Childblockchains

The Ardor Coin, also called ARDR for short, offers some new blockchain technologies. The biggest achievement is the possibility to create several individual blockchains based on the main blockchain of Ardor. These subchains can also be used to create your own coins. Due to NxT technology and infinite scalability, the forecast looks pretty good.

onlinebetrug describes Ardor this way:

Ardor is an open source platform for blockchain-as-a-service written in Java and launched on 1 January 2018 by Amsterdam-based Jelurida . It represents the second iteration of the company NXT , a crypto currency that is widely respected as it is the first to secure its blockchain with onlinebetrug Proof of Stake – eliminating the need for energy-intensive “mining”.

The crypto currency is the coin of the platform of the same name. This coin is used within the platform as a transaction fee and is passed on to the developers. Another function of the ARDR coin is “forging”. Forging serves a similar purpose to mining blockchains, which use the proof-of-work process to verify transactions. Instead of the PoW, Ar/dor uses the proof-of-stake method. Here a user only has to hold coins in his Ad/or Wallet so that the platform can generate new blocks. In return, the user will be credited a few fees. No new coins will be distributed, instead a fixed amount of 998,999,495 ARDR coins will circulate.

Forecast for the Bitcoin revolution

The main focus of the development are the blockchains. More info on The programming is very different from most crypto currencies, because ARDR is based on the NxT software. This software makes it possible to create potentially infinite secondary blockchains, so-called “childchains”, in addition to a main blockchain. These can be created by anyone, the source code is open-source. On the childchains you can create your own coins, which then serve as sub currency for the Ardor crypto currency.

The application spectrum of the childchains is broad: they can be a decentralized asset exchange on which digital assets are traded. Marketplaces for all kinds of goods are conceivable. They can also be used as data storage, working in a similar way to a cloud.

The advantage of this system is that the Childblockchains do not load the main blockchain. Theoretically an infinite number of childchains can be created and used, the main chain does not become slower and more unstable. At the same time this system is also very safe, because the safety precautions of the childchain are integrated into the mainchain. This is guaranteed by the fact that the childchains have their own way of forging.

The “bundlers” collect all new transactions in the secondary chain and pass them on to the main chain after a certain period of time. This ensures that the computing power consumed by all the different chains does not degenerate. The “Pruning” also helps here. Only the last 1,440 blocks of a secondary chain are checked by the main chain. The rest is declared unchangeable and does not have to be processed further.

A childchain has already been created by the developers for testing purposes. It is called IGNIS and allows not only trading with assets but also voting on internal matters, multi-signature accounts, time-stamping of documents, a marketplace, aliases and encrypted messages.

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and Ethereum Price Analysis

Bitcoin Price Fights Against $7,800 Resistance for Days
The bottom formation remains intact and represents a strong support zone.
The Bitcoin price moved close to the $7,800 an ounce but was not yet able to generate enough upward momentum.
Bitcoin continues to stand between the range of resistance and the triple confirmed bottom formation to date.

Technical Indicators Signals for the Bitcoin profit

The price gained momentum yesterday, reaching a high of $7,755 an ounce before initiating a correction. The gains that BTC was able to achieve yesterday were completely cancelled out by the downward correction. The Bitcoin price was already at a low of $7,598 an ounce and is currently consolidating its losses to $7,645 an ounce. As mentioned earlier, the Bitcoin profit at $7,800 must be breached to gain upward momentum. On the downside, there is a short-term support zone at the 100 SMA, which is at $7,500 an ounce. The largest and most important support level is the bottom level at $7,100. Since the 23rd, the Bitcoin price has been moving within this range. The RSI is currently at the 44 level and shows a slight overhand from sellers. However, it is only slightly down, so the Bitcoin price may gain some momentum again in the near future.

Yesterday we reported about the SEC decision to classify ICOs as securities. This will probably include crypto currencies such as Ethereum, EOS, IOTA, Ripple and many more. Bitcoin will not be covered by this regulation as the SEC already considers Bitcoin to be an independent currency. This means that only registered stock exchanges may offer Ethereum & Co. for trading, while Bitcoin is not subject to any new restrictions. The Bitcoin price could definitely be boosted by this announcement.

Furthermore, it became known this week that a Wall Street giant has already been offering Bitcoin trading for private transactions for two years and will officially integrate the trading desk for all customers in the coming weeks.

Ethereum code Price Highlights

The ether price fights for a clear resistance at 614 dollars
Large bullish trend line forming on the hourly chart with support at $598 an ounce
Ether remains in range, important break will be either over $614 or under $600
The Ethereum price faces strong resistance. ETH must rise above the $614 mark.

Technical Indicators Signals
The ether price was mostly above the $590 an ounce level against the US dollar. The price was recently above the $615 level, but could not break the resistance of $617. A high was formed at $617.50 before a downward correction took place. However, the decline was protected by the $598-600 support range. There is also a large bullish trend line forming on the hourly chart with support at $598. The 100-hour SMA is also near the $598 level, which could prevent a drop. The price is facing an important resistance near the $614 level. A break in resistance is necessary for buyers to push the price above the $620 level.

Ethereum Price Analysis

Looking at the chart, the price is currently trading within a range. If the resistance level at $614 is breached, another uptrend is possible. If the price drops below $600, it breaks the rising trend line and is likely to initiate a trend change. The MACD is slightly in a bearish zone. The RSI is currently just below the 50 level with a bearish angle, signaling the slight overhand of sellers.

Bitcoin breached a bearish trend line

Bitcoin breached a bearish trend line to signal an upward trend reversal
Since then, the price has consolidated within a rising formation and could soon break out
As already pointed out yesterday, the $7,800 mark is crucial
Technical indicators Signals
The 100 SMA crossed the longer-term 200 SMA to confirm that the path of least resistance is up. This means that an upward trend could begin. The important thing is that the bitcoin price breaks through the formation and resistance at $7,800.

A rapid increase has not yet taken place, but higher highs and higher lows have been formed within the formation, so that another indicator signals an upward trend. A break under the formation could lead to a drop to 200 SMA, as this can act as a support zone. As can be seen in the chart, the wedge formation is crucial. if the Bitcoin Trader breaks through the formation downwards, the price could drop to the support level of $7,500.

However, the oscillators indicate that the sellers are back in the game. The RSI drops to 40 to indicate a return of sales pressure. Stochastics also indicate that bears have the upper hand. Bitcoin is currently consolidating at around $7,600.

Bitcoin Code and the political situation

One of the possible Bitcoin Code review able to rise last week was the tense political situation in Italy and a possible italexit. In an interview with the CNBC, fundstrat analyst Robert Sluymer pointed to an upward trend as soon as the $7,800 mark is breached, as this is the level of the 15-day SMA.

Ethereum Prize Highlights
The Ether price continued to rise, testing the resistance range of $635
An important bullish trend line is forming on the hourly chart with support at $612
Ether bounced twice at resistance at $635 and could drop further in the short term
The Ethereum price is traded with a positive trend.

Technical indicators Signals

There was a strong rally from $580 support level. The price moved above the $600 and $610 resistance levels and continued to rise. Ether even surpassed the $630 mark. However, it turned out that the $635 mark is a strong resistance zone and many sellers showed up. A high was formed at $637 before the price began a downward correction.

There is also an important bullish trend line forming at $612 on the hourly chart of. The $612 mark is therefore also the highest support level and must withstand further losses in order not to reverse the trend.


Ethereum Chart from TradingView

Ethereum price analysis
Looking at the graph, it appears that the price near the resistance of $635 was rejected twice. Therefore, the price will most likely drop to the support level of $612, a break below $612 could push the price towards $600. The MACD is slowly moving in the declining zone. The RSI is moving towards 50 and signals a relatively balanced market. The highest support level is $612, while the resistance is $635.

Ethereum blockchainund the ERC20

Recommended wallet for ERC20 token Recommended wallet for ERC20 tokenBy Andre Eberle – March 1, 20180Best wallet for ERC20 tokens
An ERC20 token is a token that uses the Ethereum blockchain. This means that an ERC20 token can be received and sent with an Ethereum Wallet.
Table of Contents Sending and Receiving ERC20 TokensThe best Ethereum and ERC20 WalletsHardware wallet for ERC20 tokens and ethersTrezor – Hardware Wallet for ERC20 Token and EtherLedger Nano S – Hardware Wallet for ERC20 & EtherLedger Blue – luxury class for Ether and ERC20 tokenWallet for Ether & ERC20 tokenWallet recommendation for ERC20 tokensSending and Receiving ERC20 TokensTo send and receive ERC20 tokens you need an Ethereum Wallet. To send an ERC20 token you have to pay transaction fees in Ether. This means for you, if you want to send the token, you have to store some ether on the same address where your token is stored.

The best Ethereum and ERC20 WalletsThere are different wallets for Ether and therefore also for ERC20 tokens. Here is a list of the best Ether Wallets and the advantages and disadvantages of the individual Wallets.

Hardware wallet for Bitcoin Code

Hardware wallet for ERC20 tokens and ethersA Hardware Wallet is a device you have to buy. These devices are considered very secure and even malware on your computer can’t harm your ERC20 token and ether. The Hardware Wallet offers Bitcoin Code Review 2018 » Full Scam Check – the highest possible security when the tokens and ethers are actively used. Especially for beginners such a device is worthwhile, because one does not have to work through complex instructions and also can do almost nothing wrong.
At the latest when a larger amount is invested, you should consider adding a hardware wallet. The Hardware Wallet creates a seed consisting of 12 to 24 words during the first setup. This seed then automatically generates the destination addresses invested in the Bitcoin Code scam for your currencies. Even if your hardware wallet is lost, you can restore your digital balance with the seed.
Another positive side aspect of the Hardware Wallet is that you can store not only Ether and ERC20 tokens on it, but several digital currencies.

Trezor – Hardware Wallet for ERC20 Token and EtherTrezor Hardware WalletThe Trezor Hardware Wallet* supports multiple currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether & ERC20 Tokens, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash and more.
The Hardware Wallet currently costs almost 90 € exclusive shipping (current price at the provider) and offers an appealing interface and many helpful functions.
Trezor* uses the service of Myetherwallet, i.e. Myetherwallet serves as interface and bridge for the digital currency Ether and the ERC20 token.

Ledger Nano S – Hardware Wallet for ERC20 & EtherLedger Nano S | Manual and Review

Like the Trezor, the ledger Nano S* supports several digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether & ERC20 Tokens, Ripple, Stratis, Neo, Dogecoin and others. The Nano S offers more crypto currencies than the Trezor.
This Hardware Wallet currently costs approx. 94 € including shipping* (current price at the provider) and offers less functions than the Trezor. The interface is simple and contains the most important functions.
The Nano S can use Myetherwallet’s service via browser support, but you can also use the integrated Ether Wallet for Ether and ERC20 token.

Currency exchanges with virtual bank accounts

Korea’s major banks support crypto currency exchangesKorea’s major banks support crypto currency exchangesBy Patrik Eberle – January 23, 20180Major Banks Korea Crypto Currencies
Six of Korea’s major banks, including Shinhan Bank – South Korea’s second largest bank – will officially support local crypto currency exchanges with virtual bank accounts.
Table of Contents Virtual accounts reopened / facilitation of tradersKnow your Customer and Anti-Money LaunderingBithumb and basketBan on crypto currencies unrealisticVirtual accounts reopened / facilitation of tradersAt South Korean crypto currency exchanges, each trader or investor is provided with a virtual bank account, which is used to deposit large sums of FIAT money or the Korean won. Virtual bank accounts allow traders and investors to trade Fiat crypto currencies efficiently without having to use actual bank accounts, which are quite costly and time consuming.

Know your Customer and Anti-Money LaunderingAt the beginning of this month, South Korean stock exchanges were asked by local financial authorities to overhaul their current KYC (=”Know your Customer”) and AML (“Anti-Money Laundering”) systems. KYC – Know your customer is a mandatory legitimation check of new customers, especially for credit institutions, to prevent money laundering. Two conditions demanded by the government are the ban on trading foreigners and the elimination of anonymous trading accounts.
The changed anti-money laundering system resulted in banks being asked to close virtual bank accounts for crypto currency exchanges. Kookmin Bank – the largest bank in South Korea – refused the service for crypto currency exchanges. The bank justified this conclusion because of fears that the government could prohibit crypto-currency trading. This was denied by the government shortly afterwards.

Bithumb and basketOnly recently, Bithumb and Korbit, two of the largest crypto currency exchanges, have introduced massive changes due to the AML (Anti-Money Launderig) guidelines. At the end of January, the Korbit crypto currency exchange announced that foreigners will no longer have the opportunity to trade on South Korean stock exchanges.
Korbit also announced that traders with Shinhan bank accounts will not be able to trade again until February. While the AML conversion can be unfavorable for existing users, it is quite positive for the market, as the government will no longer be able to threaten crypto currencies, since all requirements of the Anti Money Laundering System are fulfilled.

Ban on crypto currencies unrealisticInstead of banning the crypto currency market, the South Korean government has decided to adopt the regulatory approach. As the spokesman of the FSC (Financial Service Commission) pointed out, a ban on crypto currencies is unrealistic. Due to electronic commerce law, the government does not even have the authority to close crypto currency exchanges.